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Jostylin’s Natural Hair Perfume Oil – Swahili Spice (100ml / 3.4oz)

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Crafted with a blend of oud, vanilla, lemon, and sandalwood, this perfume oil not only leaves your hair smelling divine but also offers remarkable nourishment and shine.

Crafted to revitalize your hair, this unique formula is enriched with natural antioxidants and vitamins from various nut oils. From root to tip, it infuses your strands with hydration, banishing frizz and leaving behind a healthy, glossy finish. Lightweight and non-greasy, it’s the perfect companion for those seeking the ultimate balance of nourishment and captivating aroma.

The main notes are oud, vanilla, lemon, and sandalwood.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, castor oil oil, grapeseed, oil, sunflower seed oil, ethyl maltol, dried rose buds. Various fragrance oils. Main notes are sweet orange, vanilla, and sandalwood.

3 reviews for Jostylin’s Natural Hair Perfume Oil – Swahili Spice (100ml / 3.4oz)

  1. Clarissa

    This perfume oil smells very unique, it’s nothling like i’ve smelt before

  2. Chioma


  3. Chioma

    Got mine, worth the wait. Really pretty perfume

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