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Jostylin’s Hair Strengthening Powder (400g / 14oz)

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Discover the power of nature with our revolutionary hair strengthening powder, an unparalleled solution tailored for natural afro hair.

This breakthrough formula combines the proven benefits of Cassia Obovata, Rosemary, and Fenugreek, fostering an environment conducive for robust hair growth.

Cassia Obovata, often referred to as ‘neutral henna’, is the cornerstone of our unique blend. This miracle herb not only imparts an appealing shine to your hair but also forms a protective barrier around each strand. It prevents breakage, effectively safeguarding the length you’ve worked hard to achieve. Its strengthening qualities further combat brittleness, ensuring that your hair remains resilient in the face of environmental stressors.

Next in our potent combination is Rosemary. Revered for centuries for its role in promoting hair growth, it invigorates your scalp, stimulating circulation to the follicles. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the scalp, making it an optimal environment for your hair to thrive. The addition of rosemary ensures your hair is not just growing, but it’s also healthier and more robust.

Lastly, we incorporate Fenugreek into our strengthening powder, an age-old secret in hair care. Known for its high protein content and nicotinic acid, Fenugreek effectively battles hair fall. It further nourishes your hair, maintaining its natural vibrancy while promoting growth.

Our hair strengthening powder, rich in these powerful, natural ingredients, provides an unrivaled experience in hair care. It detoxifies your hair, purging it of impurities that could hinder its growth. The addition of these potent ingredients imbues your hair with strength from root to tip, allowing for enhanced growth.

Indulge in this holistic treatment and witness as your hair transforms. With regular use, you’ll see your hair growing not just in length, but also in strength and health. Every application leaves your hair with a subtle, soothing herbal scent, making your hair care routine a truly therapeutic experience. Experience our hair strengthening powder and unlock the path to beautifully resilient, natural afro hair.


Moringa powder (moringa oleifera), neem powder (azadirachta indica), black seed powder (nigella sativa), senna powder (cassia obovata), fenugreek powder (trigonella foenum-graecum).

1 review for Jostylin’s Hair Strengthening Powder (400g / 14oz)

  1. Chioma

    The powder is nice but a bit messy to use, but my hair felt visibly softer.

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